Ukrainians Kill 12 Russian Officers With One Missile As The Battle For Kherson Continues To Be Waged

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Russian President Vladimir Putin Is Said To Have Been: "Enraged", Following The News Being Given To Him.

The civilians left in Kherson, Eastern Ukraine, have celebrated the news that a single Ukrainian missile strike killed 12 Russian officers.

An American supplied HIMARS missile was used in the strategic attack, which was targeted towards the Russian mobile command centre established in the abandoned Chornobaivka Airport.

It is rumoured that a general and a colonel were killed during the missile strike, but neither the Ukrainian or Russian forces have confirmed this.

The strike comes as Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, confirms that he's training over a million Ukrainian troops and foreign legionaries to take back the Donbas Region.

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, stated that: “I'm disappointed in my men for not erecting the defences needed to brush off a puny American missile given to our Nazi enemies”.