More American States moving forward with Anti-Abortion Bill

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Several more USA States are moving forward with controversial bills targeting abortion access.

A Federal Court panel made up of three (3) Republican Judges tore into the Biden Administration’s defense of the approval process for an abortion medication. Reports say the Judges were very critical and questioned Attorneys for the FDA and the drug manufacturers very aggressively. Notably The Judges which were all appointed by Republican Presidents. Two of them, appointed by Donald Trump, were very critical of abortion rights even before they joined the Federal bench.

One of the Judges in particular, James Howe, led this critical questioning against a Department of Justice (DOJ) Attorney and pounced on the crux of their argument within seconds of the commencement of the hearing tearing into the theme that the FDA was infallible and the idea that Courts cannot probe the FDA or its scientific findings. Based on this harsh questioning it is very likely that these three Judges will side with the anti-abortion Doctors bringing this lawsuit and block access to the abortion pill in question.

However, even if they do that the Supreme Court has already said that any restrictions or blocking of the drug will not take effect until the Supreme Court has had time to consider the case. Therefore, a ruling on this issue could take several weeks from the fifth circuit and even then whatever that court decides will not immediately go into effect.

The fifth circuit is considered the most conservative Federal Appeals Court in the Country, its repeatedly ruled against the Biden Administration and now it has this case that could impact the availability of the abortion drug, ‘Mifepristone’, which of course is used for the majority of abortions in the Country