Brazil Bans Sale Of IPhones Without The Charging Cable And Power Adapter

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Apple Has Moved To Sell Their Charging Cables And Power Adapters Separately In Order To Make More Money From Their Customers

The Brazilian government has announced that it has fined American tech-giant Apple R$12.2 Million (£2 Million or $3.5 Million), after they violated the new ban on selling phones in Brazil without the charging cable and power adapter, a law Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, claims was made specifically to target Apple.

The new law was put into national effect on Tuesday, previously being local to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, after people complained about having to buy charging cables and power adapters separately from the phone, a business practice utilized by Apple since the release of the IPhone 12 in 2020, in order to milk more cash from their customers than they already are with overpriced and under performing IPhones, IPads, and IMacs.

Apple claims that the decision was made not out of greed, but to held reduce Apple's climate footprint by making the packaging for IPhones smaller and thus eco-friendly.

Though many don't buy this because it would mean the rise in production of packaging for chargers and power adapters, muting their point of creating eco-friendly packaging, resulting in Apple being accused of Greenwashing.

Senacon, Brazil's consumer protection agency, has stated: "Apple's decision not to include power adapters or charging cables with new IPhones discriminates against consumers by selling an incomplete product, it's existence only serves to make more money for Apple by forcing consumers to buy a second or third product after purchasing a new IPhone".

Tim Cook has already announced Apple will appeal the ban and fine, despite previously being forced to pay multi-million Brazilian Real fines in previous years for other violations of Brazilian consumer law.