Kelly Bensimon Moves Back into N.Y.C. Building After Calling Off Her Wedding

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There’s no place like home. Kelly Bensimon has moved back into her former apartment building in New York City shortly after calling off her wedding at the last minute, according to Page Six.

The outlet reported that the Real Housewives of New York City alumna, 56, rented out her original three-bedroom, three-bathroom apartment in the luxury co-op at 240 Centre Street in lower Manhattan for $28,500 last summer when she got engaged to financier Scott Litner.

Now, since the apartment is still being rented, she is staying in another unit in the building.

Bensimon told Page Six of the move: "I’m excited about my new chapter."

Per the outlet, the real estate agent is known as the "unofficial commissioner" and broker specialist of the historic building, often called the Police Building due to its former life as the New York City Police Department headquarters.

Last week, Bensimon shared her fondness for the Little Italy residence in an Instagram post, writing, "I take selling and buying this building very seriously. It's been my home for three decades and the haunt of the most powerful humans in New York from Teddy Roosevelt to Calvin Klein."

The post included a carousel featuring several photos and videos of Bensimon inside the building. In one, the former Bravo star posed on a staircase in a flowing black dress while giving what appears to have been an impassioned speech.

There are also videos of her explaining the significance of the location and talking about the building, as well as a photo of her standing outside the door of apartment 3E.

A June article from the luxury real estate blog Elliman Insider said that Bensimon has lived in the building for more than 30 years. "Many iterations of Kelly have lived there; first as a model and student, then magazine editor, author, mother and TV personality," she said in the article.

On 25 June, Bensimon called off her wedding to Litner after he refused to sign a prenuptial agreement.

The following day, she told PEOPLE exclusively, "Ultimately, my decision is nobody’s business, but I understand that there is speculation and gossip, and I want to put an end to all of it. To be clear, he refused to sign a prenuptial agreement, and I refused to marry him. Full stop."

The pair had planned to tie the knot in the Boston area on Saturday, 29 June.

Bensimon elaborated on her decision in an official statement, saying: "[Litner] thought that I would enter this union without legal protections in place, that I would leave everything to faith. But I’ve worked really, really hard as a single mother and have always made smart decisions for myself and my family, and that will continue."

Since cancelling the nuptials, Bensimon has been spending time with her family and enjoying the summer sun. She recently shared photos on her Instagram Stories of herself hanging out in the Hamptons on what would have been her wedding weekend.

One of the photos showed her sitting in the back of a hatchback car alongside a loved one with the caption, "Family first."