Artist Explains Why He Has Never Chased Chart-Topping Hits and Prefers Performing Album Tracks

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The artist has never attempted to "chase hits" in his career and has discovered that his fanbase favours album tracks.

The 23-year-old rapper, known for hits like 'Together' and 'Vino Bandit', has never pursued chart success in his career. Despite his popular tracks, he insists that when performing live, he prefers to showcase album tracks because that's what resonates with his fanbase.

Speaking to NME, the 'Endlessly' hitmaker, whose real name is James Songer, expressed his preference for being recognised as an album artist rather than chasing after singles. He explained, "If you came to my shows, obviously towards the end you’ve got ‘Toxic’ and ‘Vino Bandit’. But the majority of the songs that go off, and have people screaming the lyrics to, they’re not the hits, they’re the album records. I’ve always just wanted to be an album artist and not chase hits."

James further elaborated on his desire to authentically represent himself and his background. Coming from a modest upbringing, he values hard work and aims for genuine growth in his career. He shared, "I’d rather grow and get bigger and bigger in an accurate representation of who I am. It’s not like I come from a bloodline of money or anything close to that at all. My dad worked the same job for 35 years until he was probably two off the top. He worked hard for me so the least I can do is acknowledge it."

This commitment to authenticity and connection with his audience underscores James Songer's approach to his music career.