Years After His Death, Muammar Gaddafi's Views On Switzerland Are Resurfacing Today

According to sources, when the former President and dictator of Libya was alive, he constantly had issues with Switzerland claiming that the small land-locked European nation was rebellious and untrustworthy.

Later suggesting to the United Nations that the state should be officially annexed and its territory divided equally between its border states: France, Italy and Germany.

His hatred for the country was epitomised when he said that if he had clear ability and authority, he would wipe the country off the map.

He even went so far as to refer to the people of Switzerland as 'Infidel harlot' and apostate, after the country banned Islamic Minaret towers outside of mosque's.

He also called for a "jihad by all means", defining jihad as "a right to armed struggle", which he claimed should not be considered terrorism.

Gaddafi's aggressive sentiments towards the country only increased when Switzerland chose to officially recognise the Gaddafi-opposed National Transitional Council.

The country also arrested and detained both his son and daughter-in-law, for allegedly beating their servants in a Swiss hotel.

Following the current situation in Ukraine, many European countries have placed harsh economic sanctions on Russia for its aggressive territorial expansion.

Yet surprisingly Switzerland has refused to place any sanctions on Russia and are continuing to trade goods and services between the two countries.

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