Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Tells NATO To Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is As Sanctions Continue To Do Nothing

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky joined the NATO emergency summit in Brussels via video link as the world marks one month of invasion.

Zelensky marked a month of was in his latest video call late last night.

He said “The 30th day, it's been a month! If Russia had known it would face that, I'm sure they would have defiantly been afraid to come here”.

Though grateful for powerful sanctions placed on Russia by NATO, he was furious about being denied a no fly zone for the 6th time.

Saying “1% of your tanks and 1% of your fighter jets, we can't buy all of them, we know we can't.

When we have these, if we get them, it will give us 100% Security.

It will deter missile strikes on refugee convoys, shelling of hospitals, and further losses of my countrymen fighting the retake our country and keep the parts that we still control free”.

US president Joe Biden, who attended all three summits, said that more aid was on the way.

But many western leaders have been accused of toeing the line when it comes to aiding Ukraine with tanks and planes.

Billions of US dollars worth of military hardware has already been provided to the Ukrainian army, said US officials.

Western nations are discussing the possibility of anti-ship weaponry as reports from The Pentagon show Russian Ships blockading the Black Sea and planning amphibious assaults on port cities like the besieged Mariupol and Odessa.

Finland announced that it would be giving more military aid to Ukraine, it's second shipment in three weeks.

Belgium has announced it's increasing it's defense budget by over £800 Million, amidst Russian aggression towards Europe in the face of the invasion of Ukraine.

The United States will expand existing sanctions on Russia: Targeting members of the Kremlin, Defense Contractors, and Russian gold reserves in New York.

Encouraging other European nations with Russian gold reserves to make them apart of their sanctions.

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