The United States Government Has Given Kenyan's 58 Days To Apply For The Fulbright And Humphrey Fellowship Programs

The U.S. government has given kenyans 58 days to apply for duo programs geared towards enabling them undertake academic studies in and professional development at the altrustic and exemplary climate of the vast United States of America.

Addressing Kenyans through its embassy in Nairobi today, the United States government divulged that it has accorded kenyans a superb opportunity to apply for the imminent Fulbright Program and the Humphrey Fellowship Program that will enable them pursue academic Studies and professional development.

The government articulated that the deadline for application has been slated for Sunday, the 5th day of June, 2022.

"2022 Fulbright Program and Humphrey program applications are now open for kenyans interested in pursuing academic study and professional development in the United States of America! Check out the links and begin the application," U.S. govt divulged.

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