The Ukrainian Military Has Dealt A Major Blow To Russian Forces In The South Near Crimea

As Russian forces worked on getting a full grip of Kherson city that lies south of Ukraine after entering the region through Crimea/Black sea in the aftermath of Putin's declaration of war on Ukraine, the events of the night waking to today on February 26th will probably make them regret underestimating Ukraine army's wit and strategies in this war.

We say this because just like how it was pictured in the screenshot above, Russian forces had taken with them a relatively long column of military vehicles carrying all sorts or artillery, ammunition and equipment that was to be used in helping them stamp their authority in the foreign city.

Oblivious to them, Ukraine forces that were definitely planning on how to counter them found that the best way to do it would be by hitting at that column and completely destroying it.

The Ukrainian forces went ahead to do just that and at the dawn of the today, multiple videos have been showing just how devastating that attack on the column was.

One video that was shared on Twitter showed multiple trucks and equipment belonging to the Russian army's engineering unit totally annihilated as captured in the collage photo below.

It's said that this destruction is one of the reasons behind the failure of the Russian forces' plan to occupy Kherson city that last night as they had estimated.

Among the vehicles and equipment comprising that military column that was destroyed reportedly included some TMM-3M2 bridges, fuel trucks and excavators.

It's estimated that this destruction resulted in dozens of Russian fatalities which by the way have kept on growing as the war goes on.

So far, the Ukrainian resistance to Russian forces' advance appears to be quite extraordinary.

All of Russia’s day one objectives of cities like Kharkiv, Kherson, Mariupol, Sumy and even Melitopol have failed and the cities are still in Ukraines hands.

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