The Cultural Implications Of Wearing A Nose Ring And What It Means In Other Countires

Many men and women like to wear nose rings today in modern culture, mostly because of how fashionable the accessory has become.

However, in other societies it is much considered a more traditionally-rooted cultural practice, with many different implications.

This article will attempt to provide contrast between the different reasons behind wearing a nose ring.

Nose rings can be seen as a beauty accessory, an act of rebellion or a projection of wealth in modern culture, depending entirely on where it is worn.

In traditional cultures, it is worn as an indication of social status and prestige, especially surrounding marriage.

If the husband has a lot of wealth, then he is supposed to wear a large nose ring and if the wife is very fertile, then she is supposed to do the same.

For example in India, the left nostril of a woman is traditionally pierced to reduce the period pains associated with the menstrual cycle.

It is heavily believed that this would increase the pleasure of love making and assist in childbirth.

Marriage is undoubtedly the most common reason for wearing nose rings which is shared by a wide range of different cultures across the world.

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