Russians Cheer As Man Throws Petrol Bomb At Kremlin Wall

A viral video is making the rounds on social media, it appears to show a man throwing a petrol bomb at the Kremlin's outer wall as an act of defiance towards Vladimir Putin's crack down of anti war protesters continues.

The clip only lasts for a couple of seconds but shows the attempt of a man throwing the home made explosive over the wall and into the Kremlin, the official place of residence of President Vladimir Putin.

Filmed by a passer by in their car, the video was posted to TikTok and has been widely shared across the internet and Russian media outlets, as the would be arsonist tried to throw mutable petrol bombs over the wall they hit the wall itself leaving several small fires and scorch marks.

The clip has been viewed 250,000 times on TikTok, the attack was shared by local media outlets including the Belarusian media channel NEXTA Live.

The Kremlin is a collection of buildings fortified behind a large wall, keeping prying eyes out.

It is held to the same regard as 10 Downing Street or the White House in America.

The Kremlin's history goes back hundreds of years, with the central Grand Kremlin Palace being the former residence of the old Tsars of the Russian Empire until the Soviets came into power.

Today it is the official home of the Russian President, the roll held by current Russian President Vladimir Putin multiple times since 2000.

The name Kremlin means “The fortress within the city”, an accurate description of the castle like complex nestled in the very heart of the Russian capitol, Moscow.

The Kremlin is also the seat of political power in Russia and both inside the country and abroad, its a general term used to refer to the Russian government.

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