Russian Soldier Runs Over His Own Commanding Officer In A Tank

When you want to protest a war that your country is fighting, what would you do?

Starting a riot, picketing the local government building(s), launching an online petition, and forming an anti war group and march all come to mind.

But for one anonymous Russian soldier on the front line in Ukraine, he decided to drive over his commanding officer in a tank as a form of protest against his country's invasion of Ukraine.

The CO in question is Colonel Yuri Medvedev, who is lucky to be alive as he has been taken to a Belarusian Hospital for urgent treatment.

The T-14 Armata main battle tank used by the Russian army in Ukraine can crush cars effortlessly, so Colonel Yuri Medvedev only having injuries to his feet, legs, pelvis, and groin is nothing short of a miracle.

Medvedev has been awarded the Order of Courage for his bravery, he is said to be awaiting both the execution of the anonymous Russian soldier who drove a tank over him and compensation for his wounds.

This comes as Vladimir Putin announced the use of Execution and Kill squads to hunt down and kill any defectors and traitors.

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