Putin Says "The War In Ukraine Will Continue Until We Win" As Ukraine Regains Territory, Putin Shows No Signs Of Backing Down

Russian president Vladimir Putin announced that “The war in Ukraine will not end until our targets are met”.

This comes as Russian forces are loosing ground to Ukrainian forces around the suburbs of Kiev and near Chernobyl.

The Russians are still bombing Chernihiv and Mariupol with devastating effect, with both cities being encircled by Russian heavy guns and soldiers.

Police in Kharkiv confirmed that four people were killed when a Russian shell hit a clinic providing aid.

Nearly 4 million refugees have now fled Ukraine the UN's refugee agency reports, with a majority still heading to Poland and Moldova.

US president Joe Biden said Vladimir Putin uses energy exports as a bargaining chip to manipulate neighboring countries and foreign countries alike.

He went further to say “Cutting Europe's reliance on Russian energy wasn't only the right thing to do from a moral stand point but it's going to put us on a stronger strategic footing”.

The refugee crisis caused by this war will be surly one of many topics going to be discussed between Joe Biden and the Polish president as he is set to visit American troops stationed in Rzeszow near the Polish-Ukrainian border.

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