One Adult And Two Kids Die After Russian Shelling In Rubizhne

The bodies of three people have been pulled from a leveled apartment complex in the Ukrainian city of Rubizhne, two of them were children said the head of the military authority in Luhansk.

The horrific tragedy took place after the Russian army intensified their shelling of the city, a shell exploded on the fifth floor of a tower block in the besieged city.

The result of which caused a fire in a business and school located in the same building.

The Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine is one of the most dangerous areas in the country to be in as it's a strategic target for Russian Forces.

More than 60 civilians were killed in Luhansk since the invasion began in late February, one of the worst hit areas is the town of Severodonetsk.

The local military authorities have warned people trying to leave that doing so could lead to harsher bombardments by the Russians, despite an evacuation corridor being open between Severodonetsk and Rubizhne.

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