Mariupol: The Ukrainian City Currently Encircled By Russian Forces

The port city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine has become the most bombed city during the war in Ukraine which has been going on for nearly a month.

Images from the city show crumbling homes, craters in the street, buildings on fire, and the chard husks of residential tower blocks barraged with missile fire dot what's left of the city.

Mariupol is sandwiched between Crimea (Which Russia annexed in 2014) and the Russian controlled areas in the Donbas region, making it an important area to merge the front lines of the Crimean and the main assaults from the border.

The indiscriminate bombing of the city has led to horrific sights like the bombing of a maternity hospital in the city resulting in the deaths of a pregnant woman and her newly born baby.

In total 1,170 civilians have died as a result go the bombings in Mariupol, 47 of which were buried in a mass grave last Wednesday.

The remaining 100,000 people have been living in substandard conditions, in fear that soon they'd be next.

President Volodymyr Zelenski and NATO have charged the Russian Army and Vladimir Putin of war crimes as target civilian deaths climb across the country, with Zelenski making reference to the Holodomor: The famine that plagued Ukraine (Then part of the USSR) from 1932-1933 due to Stalin's farming policies, which Ukraine labels as a genocide.

So far over 3 million refugees have fled Ukraine since the invasion started, most have gone to Poland and Moldova.

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