Many Speculate How Serious Putin Is About Using Nukes

Russian president Vladimir Putin previously placed his nuclear weapons on high alert during the first week of the war, and shows no sign of rescinding that order as Russia now has to contend with NATO member, The Czech Republic, sending infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) and Tanks to Ukraine via Slovakia.

Many in the west continue to fear that mutually assured destruction (MAD) would be put in the event Putin gives the go ahead to start WW3.

Putin himself has become an increasingly belligerent dictator and isolated figure, seemingly ready to do the unthinkable to win his personal war in Ukraine.

UK defense secretary, Ben Wallace, has attempted to pour ice over the fears of nuclear war.

Calling it an “Empty Threat” and “Scare Tactic”.

US president Joe Biden states that “If Russia were to indeed launch their nukes, then MAD would have to be implemented.

We would have no choice to retaliate to preserve our way of life”.

Russia and it's allies have a total of 6,952 Warheads, while NATO has 6,033 warheads.

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