Many Families Across The World Forced To Give Up Pets Due To The Cost Of Living Crisis

Pets purchased to help millions across the world get through the pandemic have been sold off, offered for adoption, or downright abandoned amid the cost of living crisis says the RSPCA and PETA.

Staff at animal sanctuaries across the world have seen more and more pets come in after owners couldn't afford to keep them any longer.

It is estimated that 5.7 Million pets were given up between late 2021 and present day across the globe.

In Ukraine, pets had to be abandoned due to the Russian invasion, and many have gone feral, been ran over by tanks, shot by soldiers, or even hunted and eaten as food becomes scarce.

Helen Connelly of the Thornberry Animal Sanctuary in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, stated that: “We've seen many animals come through our doors because owners wallets are feeling the pinch and can't afford the veterinary treatments or feed any more.

The same goes for our sanctuary, the more pets come in the more feed we've got to buy, and the more staff we'd have to hire to keep up with all of them”. 

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