East African Leaders Have Condemned Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine

Last Thursday, President Vladimir Putin declared the start of a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine, sparking mass condemnation from the international communtiy.

East African leaders have recently joined in the criticism of Russia's aggression, calling for peace between the two countries.

In particular, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni Tweeted a rather controversial take on Tuesday afternoon, that he immediately took down for unknown reasons.

In his Tweet, Museveni weighed the military prowess and gravity of various regions, among them the Slavic nations of Eastern Europe, Western Europe, The Far East and South Asia.

According to Museveni, "The Salvic nations of Eastern Europe have a centre of gravity in Russia" when it comes to military prowess, while Western Europe has the USA and the Far East has China and South Asia has India.

Museveni further went ahead to question where Africa's prowess lies when it came to powerful countries in the world.

His tweet seemed as if he was warning Africas against meddling in the fight between Ukraine and Russia.

"The slavic nations of Eastern Europe have a centre of gravity in Russia. The USA is the center of gravity for Western Europeans. China for the far East. India, for South Asia. Where is the economic and strategic centre of gravity for the African Race? Where is it?" Museveni tweeted.

Recently, Kenya has allegedly been warned against interfering with the war after Martin Kimani, Kenya’s UN ambassador, expressed Kenya's opposition to Russia’s actions and to the idea of using force to change borders left behind by collapsing empires.

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