Colombian Authorities Admit To Killing 7,000 Civilians Believed To Have Been Rebels

11 Colombian ex-servicemen we're charged with extrajudicial killings after it was discovered 7,000 innocent civilians had been passed off as rebels before being executed between 2002-2008.

The war in Colombia between the army and rebel factions has been going on since the 1970's, but was briefly paused in the 1980's during the drug war waged by cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar.

In recent years, small bands of anarchist rebels have been attacking convoys in the northern territories of the country, along with the infamous AUC and a band of anti-treaty FARC soldiers located near the border with Panama.

Many innocent farmers, religious communes, and poor were believed to be providing shelter for the rebels, and thus were targeted by the Colombian army.

The whereabouts of a majority of the victims bodies are unknown, many speculate that they were all dumped in the rain forests and jungles in Colombia, it is believed that most have decomposed or had been eaten by animals by now.

All 11 have been sentenced to life in prison, but can participate in removing landmines and building monuments as a way to earn their redemption to avoid total damnation. 

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