Biden Heads To Belgium For NATO Summit After The First Month Of Fighting In Ukraine

US president Joe Biden arrived in Brussels on Wednesday and is talking with members of the EU, NATO, and the UK with plans to trade American oil and gas to replace the Russian oil and gas Europe is dependent on.

Also president Biden arrived at NATO headquarters to discuss further action with NATO members regarding the war in Ukraine, while in Brussels he will announce new sanctions on Russia and Belarus.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg started the first meeting with a speech denouncing the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he said that NATO is united in denouncing Russia, Belarus, and their respective leaders.

He also paid tribute to the Ukrainian armed forces and Ukrainian civilians fighting for their rights, freedoms, and homeland.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged NATO to act harder towards Russia and Putin so that the war can end sooner rather than later, and announced the newest sanctions by the UK on Russia.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky joined the NATO summit via video link where he begged NATO for more assistance and a no fly zone.

Zelensky told the summit: “Ukraine asked for your planes, so that we do not loose so many people.

And you have thousands of fighter jets, but we haven't been given any yet.

We asked for tanks, you have at least 20,000 tanks.

Ukraine asked for 1% of your tanks to be donated to our cause or sold to us, but we haven't yet been given a clear answer to our requests for help”.

Biden wants western allies to issue more severe sanctions on Russia to show that they won't stand for their invasion of Ukraine last month.

However some countries are reluctant to join the US and UK in their requests for more sanctions, due to their dependence on Russian oil and gas.

According to experts: Russia supplies 40% of Europe's natural gas, 27% of their oil, and 46% of their coal.

Biden plans to stop this dangerous dependence on Russian resources by arranging for America to give the same percentage of oil and gas to Europe at a cheaper cost.

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