A "Russian Kill Squad" Has Been Sent To Ukraine To Execute Defectors And Other AWOL Russian Soldiers

Russian president Vladimir Putin has announced that execution and kill squads will be sent into Ukraine to hunt down and kill any and all defectors, AWOL personnel, and/or treasonous soldiers and units as the war in Ukraine continues.

Many in the west have made comparisons to Joseph Stalin's Order-227 enacted during WW2 where Russian soldiers, POWs, and Criminals were thrown at the enemy and if they retreated or deserted were shot by their own men.

Vladimir Putin's revival of the infamous Order-227 comes as news of Russian soldiers surrendering and then collaborating with Ukraine and the west reached the Kremlin last week.

They're also been reports of Chechen death squads being used to track down members of the Ukrainian government, with President Zelensky and other high ranking government officials having multi-million dollar bounties on their heads issued by Putin himself.

Since the invasion began one month ago, Ukrainian fighters have captured Russian soldiers and posted videos of the Russians telling them that they surrendered without a fight.

However these statements by the Russian POWs in the videos can't all be confirmed as genuine.

Some Russian soldiers have defected to the Ukrainian army and helping resistance efforts in knowing Russian battle plans, how to operated captured tanks, among other important pieces of knowledge Ukraine is using to fight the Russian invaders.

The Center of Defense Strategies, a leading Ukrainian think tank, said that “Russian forces are aware with the hopelessness of their situation and increasingly choosing desertion and/or defection rather than being killed”.   

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