A Heavy Gunfight In Somalia As Commandos Kill 25 Al-Shabaab Militants During A Deadly Night Attack

According to East African News sources, the Somalian army has managed to eliminate at least 25 Al-Shabaab Militants during a deadly night offensive last Sunday.

According to sources, the raid also eliminated the Militias leader in Mubarak, Lower Shanabel.

This story comes during a series of ongoing skirmishes by the Radical Islamic terrorist group in both Somalia and Kenya.

Just yesterday evening, a vehicle and several occupants were blown up by a landmine in Mandera.

The Kenyan defense forces have also been working around the clock to ensure that Kenyans are given ample security across the country.

Military forces are continuing to push the rogue Militants back further into their last remaining strongholds each day.

Two days ago, Al-Shabaab faced the wrath of the Somalian Commandos at Boni Forest.

The porous Kenya-Somali border in Mandera has also been a hot bed of deadly attacks with the Kenyan army keeping vigilant each day and night.

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