A Chinese Whistleblower Has Warned That The CCP Possesses Numerous Bioweapons That Could Be Used At Any Given Moment

Chinese virologist and whistleblower claims the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has engineered weaponized versions of several viruses that it is prepared to release at a moment's notice to start the next global pandemic.

This information was revealed during the Feb. 22 episode of "Brighteon Conversations" with Mike Adams and his guest Dr. Yan Li-Meng.

Yan, a virologist from Hong Kong, fled to the United States in 2020 after she became a whistleblower and began accusing Beijing of actively withholding research critical to the understanding of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to Yan, the CCP's bioweapons program is working on overdrive to release a new bioweapon that will cripple the world.

While she has not been able to confirm it, stories have recently come out that the People's Liberation Army, China’s armed forces, may have released a hemorrhagic fever virus during the recently concluded Beijing Winter Olympics.

Yan was able to confirm through her team's investigation that the CCP believed the Winter Olympics is the ideal event to release a bioweapon, as thousands of athletes from around the world converged in Beijing.

According to Yan’' sources, the CCP was prepared to launch the bioweapon.

However, they were unable to confirm if the CCP pushed through with its bioterror attack.

Even if the CCP did not release a bioweapon during the Winter Olympics, Yan warned that China is still "fully prepared" to launch an attack at any time.

But there is still a lot of mystery surrounding these bioweapons, Yan pointed out. She is still not sure what specific pathogen the CCP will release.

She mentioned the bioweapon will most likely cause hemorrhagic fever, but that only narrows it down slightly as the CCP has several types of engineered viruses that can cause hemorrhagic fever.

"I cannot tell you what kind of pathogens they have already used and what haven't... and I cannot tell you what exactly changed, gain-of-function or not, they have done in their labs," said Yan.

She then pointed out that the CCP has been experimenting with different kinds of viruses, including parvoviruses, hantaviruses, the measles virus and even the Ebola virus.

Without treatment, Yan warned that the CCP's engineered viruses could cause death rates of up to 90 percent.

Fortunately, according to Yan, there is already a cure for most of these viruses. It is a drug known as daratumumab, which is sold by Johnson & Johnson under the brand name Darzalex.

The CCP is trying to procure as much of this drug as possible because the communist party's experiments on its people found that it is effective against the engineered viruses.

In a parting statement, Yan said the only way the CCP's aggression can be countered is for people to wake up and stand together against the threat it poses.

She said: "We face the Chinese Communist Party and their worldwide allies. They are very rich, they are very powerful... So we must work together, and at this moment, I think the biggest power is when people wake up, when people understood the importance of their rights and their freedom. And what we can do is we need to stand up to protect our future and our kids future. That's the most important thing".

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