6 Colombian Soldiers Killed And 5 Injured By A Bomb Attack Near Frontino

A unit of 11 soldiers were attacked by an ambush in a rural jungle area near Frontino, Columbia.

6 were killed and 5 were injured after their truck was attacked by rebels, who use the forests for cover.

Officials claim that the roadside bomb attack and ambush was carried out by the Gulf Clan, a rebel gang in the area.

Colombia announced a new manhunt for Gulf Clan soldiers and members alike, with bounties available for some more notable members.

Attacks on local soldiers and police is common in the areas around northern Colombia, a police major and his driver were bombed last year, a dead female police officer was found naked in the woods covered in blood and semen, and several car bombs have exploded in the cities.

The Gulf Clan specializes in drugs, illegal mining operations, human trafficking, smuggling, gun running, and right wing para-militarism.

They are considered a terrorist group by both America and Colombia and their leader, who's been captured, is facing extradition to the US. 

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