Vietnam Veterans Now Entitled To Compensation For Agent Orange Exposure

In the United States, March 29th is Vietnam War Day, a day Americans honor US and South Vietnamese Soldiers who fought and died in the Vietnam War from 1955-1975.

It is also the day that the US government announced new compensation packages to Vietnam veterans who suffered from Agent Orange exposure.

Agent Orange was a chemical weapon used by the United States and South Vietnam during the war from 1962-1971, it's goal was to defoliate the jungle wilderness masking Viet Cong and NVA troops attacking US and South Vietnamese servicemen.

What wasn't known until after the war, was that Agent Orange is carcinogenic, responsible for a variety of repertory illnesses and cancers.

But the Americans and South Vietnamese who got Asthma and Lung Cancer got off lucky in comparison to the Viet Cong and NVA.

As their children and grandchildren suffer from birth defects: Misshapen heads, abnormal limb growth, inconsistent limb lengths after they stopped growing, born without some or all limbs, Downs Syndrome, Autism, and many more.

Vietnam Veterans in the United States who suffered from Agent Orange exposure can now claim VA disability compensation and a government pay out previously denied to those who suffered from exposure to Agent Orange and their remaining family. 

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