USA: Gas Prices Shoot Up After Russian Oil Embargo Enacted Coincidentally As New "Green Taxes" Came Into Effect

The USA has imposed an oil embargo on Russia which has lead to tit for tat sanctions on the US by Russia.

Fuel prices in America since the oil embargo came into effect last week have shot up from $2.50 (£1.90) per gallon to as high as $6.75 (£5.12) in some states.

Many republicans say that this is due to President Joe Biden shutting down oil and fracking wells, cancelling the Keystone Pipeline with Canada, and new taxes on fuel resulting in many Americans are now being priced out of their ability to drive cars.

They go further to say that Biden is using the Russian oil embargo as a convenient cover story to explain the rise in fuel prices in the oil rich United States, but the Biden administration has denied this.

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