US Social Security Announces New Stimulus Checks Valued At $3,000 (£2,300)

The United States Social Security Administration (USSSA) has announced that it will be sending checks valued at $3,000 (£2,300) to money starved homes across the United States as gas prices rise.

With the arrival of a new month comes a new payment for everyone on Social Security.

Each month in the US, the USSSA issues millions of payments for retired Americans, the disabled, poor, and low income workers and their families.

In order to claim this Social Security stimulus check, you'd have to be a beneficiary on Social Security, often meaning that the majority of recipients would be the elderly or disabled.

Social Security pays out on the first of every month, most elderly recipients are among those who retired before May 1997, the Month and Year capped for pay outs to retired Americans. 

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