The Pentagon Claims To Have "Hard Proof" That Russia's War In Ukraine Is Failing

US president Joe Biden announced that the Pentagon has proof that the war in Ukraine has gone poorly for Russia.

The Pentagon along with the CIA and FISU have compiled various reports from Ukrainian soldiers, Russian defectors, Russian POWs, civilian guerrilla fighters, and spies into one giant report into how the Russian war machine may be grinding to a halt as the momentum seen in late February is gone.

Along with instances of mutiny, treason, defection, and sabotage among morale deprived Russian soldiers.

Putin's war in Ukraine has been going on for over a month and the front-lines haven't moved an inch since mid March and have been receding in the northern areas, as Ukrainians take back villages near Kiev and the Belarusian border.

This the Pentagon says is due to prioritization of the Donbas region, south west, and south east.

Previously Russian held territory has been taken back with little or no shots being fired, and captured vehicles are being used to push back against Russian armored divisions.

Vladimir Putin has countered deserters and would be traitors by sending execution squads and Chechen bounty hunters into Ukraine in late March to track down and kill deserters and send a message to would be traitors.

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