Senators And Staff Flock To Obama As Joe Biden Stands Confused

A video taken of former US president Barrack Obama visiting the White House shows senators crowding around him as his former vice president turned president, Joe Biden, awkwardly stands and looks around strangely confused.

The 44th president came to see the 46th president to celebrate the 12th anniversary of the US Affordable Care Act (Commonly known as Obamacare), which was neutered by 45th president Donald Trump.

After a speech made by the first African American president, fans, former colleagues, and Democrat senators gathered around Obama to ask questions and talk with him.

Abandoning Joe Biden who was dazed as his former boss stole the room, one Twitter user said “I guess we now know who's really running the show at the White House eh Joe?”

Joe Biden has often been refereed to as “Obama's Shadow” and “Obama's third term”, due to his connection to the 44th President.

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