Rock Feature Discovered Near Cody Wyoming To Be Named After Jackson Pollock

Many artists across America and the world have called for a newly discovered rock-face near Cody, Wyoming to be named after the Cody born artist Jackson Pollock.

Mt Pollock” was discovered in 2016 by retired artist, Gregory Constantine, whilst on a hike in the area.

But it was when he returned to his studio to review his pictures that the landmark fully caught his attention.

Jackson Pollock's name wasn't the first proposed by Constantine, as he tried to name it after himself, as one would.

But you have to be dead for 5 years before a landmark could be named after you in the USA.

He found a 6th century pope named Gregory and submitted that, but local law states that they have to be from the city or state in question.

Then he had an idea: He went through the town's history and found that Jackson Pollock was born there, and since he's been dead for 66 years he'd qualify.

In a 3-2 vote, the local commission approved Constantine's name for the rock-face. 

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