Oklahoma Passes New "Pro-Life" Laws To Stomp Out Abortion And Planned Parenthood

US lawmakers in the state of Oklahoma have passed new laws making abortion near illegal, sparking outrage among planned parenthood groups.

The bill criminalizes the preforming of an abortion unless the baby dies in the womb or becomes parasitic and endangers the mother's life.

Doctors convicted under the new Oklahoma Pro-Life Law will face a £100,000 (£76,505) fine and a decade in prison.

New Anti-Abortion Laws in various states come as the US Supreme Court looks at a case that can make the 1973 Rowe v. Wade Bill unconstitutional.

Pro-Choice and planned parenthood groups have denounced this resurgence of Anti-Abortion laws, calling them “A devastating blow to women's rights, now Oklahoma will face the future where their female citizens would have no place left to seek abortions locally”.

Oklahoma joins Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, Virginia, and the Carolina's in making Abortion a criminal offence.

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