Many Americans Debate If Joe Biden's New Federal Lynching Law Is Effective Or Necessary

On March 29th 2022, United States president Joe Biden signed the Emmett Till Anti Lynching Act, making the act of lynching a hate crime in Federal Courts.

Lynching has been a criminal offence in the United States since 1900, but federal action was deemed unnecessary and it was up to states to make and enforce anti lynching laws, this led to some states criminalizing the act whilst others kept it legal until as recently as 1995.

Joe Biden announced that he was killing two birds with one stone, making the act of lynching a federal crime (Meaning it's a crime in all 50 states and territories) and that lynching anyone is now labelled a hate crime.

How the hate crime aspect of the Emmett Till Anti Lynching Act would be decided and implemented in all future cases of lynching is still unclear.

The act of lynching is described as: The act of individual or mass murder, by a mob or single individual, with no due process or rule of law, for a crime (Real or Illusory) by said mob or individual often in the form of mutilation of the victim before hanging them from a tree or street lamp.

And whilst records show that all races and creeds were and still are lynched, it was mostly African Americans who got lynched with an estimated 4,400 of them being lynched from 1877-1950 according to the NAACP and Equal Justice Initiative (EJI).

Black Lives Matter and the NAACP have described the deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery to be acts of 21st Century lynchings, though the former was a victim of police brutality, not lynching.

One wouldn't be wrong for thinking that lynching was already a criminal offence let alone a hate crime, as nobody in the former Confederate States lines up to take souvenir photos of them standing bellow black bodies swinging in the southern breeze.

Not to mention it's been a criminal offence for 122 years in the USA, and even in Mississippi (The state where the acts namesake was lynched in 1955) it's a crime.

The law comes as 122 years and 200 failed attempts by US lawmakers and state senators were made to enact federal anti lynching laws.

The new law states that: If found guilty of lynching a man or woman because of their race, gender, faith, ethnicity, sexuality, etc.

The guilty party would face up to 30 years in jail.

However, despite all the praise given to Joe Biden for signing the Emmett Till Anti Lynching Act, there are detractors that accuse the US president of chasing clout by singing it and Congress for passing it in February.

As mentioned previously lynching has been illegal in all 50 states since 1995, and due to the racial connotations of American lynchings they're often classified as hate crimes to begin with.

Many opponents have deemed it “Unnecessary” and “A waste of the government's money and time”. 

Many also sight that this hasn't stopped racial violence between white and black Americans, which has over the course of 180 years has spilled over from the former Confederate South to the Northern and South Western states too. 

Making the Democrat and Liberal claim that racial violence and lynchings are solely in the "Bigoted South", misleading and untrue.  

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