Kamala Harris Spotted Not Wearing A Mask Whilst Visiting A School In Washington DC

Photos have surfaced from a tour taken by vice president Kamala Harris through a Washington DC elementary school without a mask on, despite students still wearing there's.

Opposition leaders in Congress have pounced on the VP, accusing her of being a hypocrite as the trend of “Rules for thee but not for me” continues after a number of incidents across the globe of politicians violating the very Covid-19 restrictions they set on the public and other instances of political hypocrisy.

The UK and US have been the axis of various “Rules for thee but not for me” incidents including: 

  • Partygate.
  • California governor Gavin Newsom's Thanksgiving dinner after the state cancelled Thanksgiving to reduce the spread of Coronavirus in 2020.
  • BLM and ANTIFA never being charged for damage caused during riots from 2019-2022 whilst the Freedom Convoy Protest in Canada was raided, drivers and organizers had their monetary assets seized, and we're dragged off by riot police.
  • Dominic Cumming's visit to Barnard Castle in 2021.
  • And various politicians able to travel without any restrictions, despite ordinary citizens having to cross red tape to do the same.

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