Joe Biden Caught With A "Cheat Sheet" At A Press Conference Regarding Ukraine

President Joe Biden was met with ridicule by the western world and Americans alike after he was spotted holding a cue card whilst at a press conference concerning the war in Ukraine.

The 79 year old president, who has a stammer, has for years dodging accusations from both Democrats and Republicans that he has memory and/or cognitive problems.

Many speculate that he either has or is in the process of developing Alzheimer's, Dementia, or Short Term Memory Loss (STML) due to his age.

Biden's age making him the oldest man to be president, beating the previous record holder Ronald Reagan who was president from 1981-1989, he was 69 at the time of his first inauguration.

Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 1994, 5 years after leaving office and 10 years before he died from complications due to Alzheimer's in 2004.

During the latter half of Reagan's second term (Around 1987 or 1988) he was showing the early warning signs of Alzheimer's, but contrary to rumours in early 1988, his cognition wasn't affected whilst in office.

The same clearly cannot be said about Joe Biden.

The overuse of cue cards, falling asleep in meetings with staff and foreign heads of state, gaffs in speeches and sentences that couldn't have been due to his stammer, falling down repeatedly, and him noticeably being coerced by his Vice President Kamala Harris and the speaker of the US house of representatives Nancy Pelosi have caused Americans on both sides to question the ability of Joe Biden to lead the country effectively.

Joe Biden has previously stated that “I have no problems with memory or cognition, these are baseless accusations and rumours by Q Anon and Trump Supporters, and though I don't intend to run in 2024, I will see this term out”.

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