Independent American Political Commentator Alex Jones Has Filed For Bankruptcy

US radio host, podcast host, activist, and politician Alex Jones has filed for bankruptcy, after a long sting of financial problems and being forced to pay the families of children who died during the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting after making remarks about it being a “Hoax” and “False Flag Attack”.

The controversial American media entrepreneur has been forced to sell of his companies, including his famous InfoWars News & Podcast Studio.

In the United States, declaring bankruptcy provides a route for individuals and companies to remain in financial operation whilst negotiating their debts to creditors and/or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), whilst being overseen by a bankruptcy court.

In 3 separate lawsuits filed by the families of the victims of the 2012 shooting that killed 26 people (20 kids and 6 adults), the family stated that: “Mr Jones has enriched himself by spreading lies about what happened that day, at the expense of us the victims”.

The court sided with the families and Alex Jones is forced to pay $120,000 (£93,000) to each of the victims families, leaving Alex Jones with a hefty $3,120,000 (£2,418,000) bill to pay before legal fees.

Jones stated that the lawsuit went against his first amendment rights, the first amendment like the second amendment is a controversial subject in modern American politics due to Big Tec censorship controversies and Biden's attempts to criminalize acts of “Hate Speech”.

Alex Jones and his companies have been banned/removed from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for violating their “Safe Space Guidelines”.

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