Frank James Turns Himself In For Brooklyn Subway Shooting

The NYPD have announced that Frank James, who's wanted in relation to the Brooklyn Subway Shooting earlier this week, has turned himself in.

Frank James had called 911 and told them to meet him at a McDonald's in Manhattan where he'd give himself up.

James was charged with committing a terrorist action and attempted murder, which carries a sentence of 25-life in New York.

Police have been sifting through hours of posts made to Frank James's social media accounts, videos that contained bigoted rants towards white people and the new mayor Eric Adams.

Prosecutors believe that if they could prove that the shooting was motivated by his bigoted views on whites, then James could be charged with a hate crime.

It is rare in the United States for a black man to be charged with a hate crime, especially when the victim(s) is white.

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