Congress Fails To Pass Federal Protection For Roe v. Wade

Efforts by the Democrat controlled Congress to federally protect the 1973 landmark Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade, which made Abortion legal in the United States, have failed after the House of Representatives approved the law but the US Senate rejected it in a 49-51 split.

All 50 Republicans senators rejected the federal protection of Abortion along with the Democrat senator of West Virginia, Joe Manchin.

For a Federal Law to be made in the United States, both the House and Senate have to approve it.

US States pass their own laws called Individual Laws, which apply solely within the state that made the law.

Federal Laws apply to all 50 States and 16 US Territories, with the controversial acceptation of the 17th US Territory: Guantanamo Bay.

Many US States like Oklahoma and Mississippi have restricted access to Abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood centers via their state's individual laws.

Planned Parenthood and Pro-Choice activists have been protesting outside the US Supreme Court and the Supreme Court Justice's own homes after their private addresses were leaked during a cyber attack.

Conservatives, Republicans, and Pro-Life activists have praised the US Senate rejecting the proposed federal protection of Roe v. Wade.

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