College Students Fight For Their Right To Party In Miami As A State Of Emergency Is Declared

The city of Miami in the US State of Florida has introduced a new curfew and declared a state of emergency amidst a large number of block parties in the city and on Miami Beach.

Miami is a popular place with American college students and locals alike during the Spring Break period, with it's hot weather, nice beaches, concerts, bars, clubs, and it's association to the drug trade popularized by the iconic 1980's cop show Miami Vice.

These “Frat Boys” and “Spring Breakers” swarm the city like birds on migration, giving the city a reliable source of economic growth but at the expense of the residents who are often irritated by the loud noises, traffic, and the violence caused by the tourists.

The excessive drinking and violence caused by this has led to over 1,000 arrests in March of last year, and the introduction of an 8pm curfew in the area of Miami Beach.

This however didn't stop the madness from unfolding again this year, Miami mayor Dan Gelber said that over the past few days five people have been injured in two shootings and that 100 firearms have been seized this month including 37 in the past three days.

Multiple police officers and the mayor himself have been injured trying to control the raving college students, and having almost 400 police officers deployed last week didn't help to prevent violence.

This has led to the declaration of a state of emergency by the mayor and the Florida National Guard have been called in to clear the streets and shut down the block parties. 

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