Casey Cole White: Manhunt after 6ft 9in murder inmate vanishes with Alabama prison officer

An assassin has absconded from lock up with a correctional  officer, quickening the authorities to examine  "if something else was going on" between the duo. 

Casey White walked away from a house of detention  in Florence, Alabama, with Vicky White, the assistant director of corrections, on Friday morning.

The duo who are unconnected and  were evidently  heading to a nearby courtroom but vanished.

US Marshal Marty Keely said on Monday: "We consider both of them dangerous and in all probability both of them are armed."

Police have furnished a search  warrant for Ms White and offered a $10,000 bounty for data.

The authorities had aforementioned that Ms White was "missing and endangered" and had contravened  the rules by being unaccompanied  with the inmate.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said they were also descrying at former contact to "see if something else was going on" between the two.

Mr Singleton said the custodian, 56, had handed in her pull out papers the night before and purported she was escorting White for a psychological evaluation at the court, though not arranged.

The vehicle they were journeying in was spotted at a  concentrated area for shopping car park, but not anybody  perceived  they were misplaced for close to six hours.

Telephone convesrations  to Ms White's phone have allegedy been going to answering machine.

White, 38, was serving a death sentence charge, with local newspaper saying he had acknowledged to a 2015 killing of someone using a sharp object while imprisoned  for other misdemeanor in 2020.

People are cautioned not to access White, who is averred as 6ft 9in (2.06m) and about 260lbs (18st 8lb), with brown hair and hazel eyes.

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