Americans Have Been Going To Mexico For Fuel As US Petrol Prices Keep Rising

As US petrol prices continue to shoot up due to new green taxes and the Russian oil embargo, some Americans have gone to Mexico to fill up their cars as petrol south of the border is cheap.

Petrol starved Americans in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and Nevada have said that they cross the border, fill up the car and jerry cans, then headed back to the US.

Before the embargo and green taxes, gas prices were slightly rising, due to US president Joe Biden shutting down Trump Era fracking sights and oil wells in an aim to rectify “Climate Crimes” committed by the former US president after the country left the Paris Climate Agreement in 2019.

Before that, Donald Trump signed laws between 2017 and 2018 giving leeway for oil and fracking across natural gas rich areas, which made America “Resource Independent” in mid 2019.

Californian social media personality Julio Vaquero, who calculated the difference said that: “It costs me $3.75 (£2.85) per gallon to fill up at a Chevron in Baja, in comparison to the $6 (£4.56) I paid previously filling up at a Chevron in San Diego”.

Mexican gas companies have taken notice with state owned Pemex running ads stating: “Gas is always half price down here”, with them having prices at $3 (£2.98) per gallon.

Another Californian, Ken Barnes, told local news outlets that: “I refrain from filling my tank in the US before crossing over, after I get into Mexico I fill my car and jerry cans before returning home”.

Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has welcomed this unexpected boost to the Mexican economy and passing legislation capping state fuel prices to 69.67 Pesos per gallon ($3.50 or £2.66) to encourage more fuel starved Americans to fill up south of the border instead of in their own country.

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