American Former 2014 Olympian Turned YouTuber Trevor Jacob Has His Pilot's License Revoked After Crashing Plane For Views

Aviation YouTuber, Trevor Jacob, has had is pilots license revoked after crashing his plane on purpose for views.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stated that: “We have revoked Mr Jacob's pilots license on the grounds that he failed to carry out basic emergency procedures like contacting air traffic control, trying to restart his engine, and/or gliding the plane to a safe landing location”.

The video showed what looked to be the former Olympian's engine dying mid-flight, and after jumping out his plane crashed into a mountain valley.

Viewers were quick to notice that Trevor Jacob was already wearing a parachute before the engine “Died”, a very unusual practice for a recreational pilot.

Jacob parachuted safely and trekked through the Los Padres National Forest and was found by a local park ranger.

Despite the evidence that he clearly staged the crash, Jacob's maintains the belief that his engine giving out and having to parachute was a real emergency. 

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