Alec Baldwin: Police footage shows moment actor was told Halyna Hutchins had died after Rust shooting

Police cross examination videotape display the minute Alec Baldwin was emotional when he put his hand over his mouth and soundlessly after being informed that Halyna Hutchins had passed away following gunshot wound sustained on the location of Rust.

The cinematographer passed on after a hand gun clenched by Baldwin was fired during practice performance  for the western film in New Mexico in October 2021.

Cinema film broadcast by Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office display Baldwin seated with two deputies as one told him: "I do have some very unfortunate news to tell you. She didn't make it."

The 64-year-old performer  exclaimed "No!" before putting his hand over his mouth and sat noiselessly.

The deputy then made it clear that the film's director Joel Souza, who was woumded in the firing,  was still receiving treatment in hospital.

Baldwin was heartbroken as the deputy paraphrased the information that Ms Hutchins "didn't make it", before adding: "I didn't want you to hear it outside of here."

When grilled if there was anything the deputies could perform  for him, Baldwin said he desired to cry out to his wife before exiting the room with his hand on his forehead. 

The videotape  has been broadcast as the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office said "concerning" information has been spotted on text messages during the examiation  into the deadly  shooting.

The department recently released all files relating to its ongoing investigation into the shooting, including prerecorded  of Baldwin rehearsing with a hand gun.

Talking to Sky's US partner NBC, Sheriff Mendoza said: "There was complacency on the set, there was disorganisation and a degree of negligence, whether that rises to a criminal level that'll be up to the district attorney."

Baldwin continues to contend  with legal proceeding  stemming from the occurrence.

Litigation  are being nursed by script supervisor Mamie Mitchell, head of lighting Serge Svetnoy and the family of Ms Hutchins.

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