Alaska Police Rush To Examine A Plane Crash Which Crackpots Are Calling A "UFO"

Police in the US state of Alaska were called into the mountains after heavy dark smoke was spotted coming from the area, after what looks to be a plane crashed into the mountains.

The column of smoke was seen over and later on Lazy Mountain, with some saying it's a plane crash and others believing something extraterrestrial is afoot.

According to Alaskan State Troopers (ASTs), the footage shows what could possibly be an optical illusion involving a plane's contrail.

They have sent patrols into the Lazy Mountains just to make sure.

So far they have found nothing, leading conspiracy theorists to believe a baseless theory of a government cover up.

So called UFOs have been spotted in Alaska for decades, so many on Facebook believe that it's a downed UFO.

Others say that it was a rocket test gone wrong, as rocket tests often take place in Alaska much to the ire of environmentalists.

The only way to know for sure is to wait for the AST's findings to bear fruit.

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