A Tornado Has Hit New Orleans Causing The Worst Destruction To The City Since Hurricane Katrina In 2005

One person has been confirmed dead after a tornado ripped through the US city of New Orleans, destroying property and cutting the power to some of the city.

Cell phone Videos shared by the locals showed the dark tornado rampaging through the city's nearby neighbourhoods on Tuesday night, ripping off the tops of houses and launching cars all over the place.

This tornado struck down in the same area that a majority of the damage of Hurricane Katrina that struck the city of New Orleans, Louisiana 17 years ago.

Experts say that the tornado formed from a storm system which caused widespread destruction in the area known as "Tornado Ally", killing a woman in Texas before moving onto Oklahoma and rounding off to Louisiana.

Rescue operations have begun and they are actively searching for anyone and everyone trapped in collapsed buildings and overturned cars.

"A damaging gust or a second tornado remains possible for the next couple of hours" the US National Weather Service tweeted.

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