The Last F1 Race Winner Of The 1950's Tony Brooks Has Died Aged 90

Former BRM driver and winner of the 1957 British Grand Prix, Tony Brooks, has died aged 90.

The last surviving race winner from the 1950's era of F1 when engines were in the front, manual sifters were standard, sponsor-less cars actually raced, 2 drivers died every season, and the steering wheels looked like they were ripped off boats.

Brooks won 6 Grand Prix races and many podium finishes, but he never won the F1 World Champion title.

His former teammate, Sterling Moss, who died 2 years ago also aged 90, stated that: “Tony Brooks was the meanest son of a gun I've ever seen on a racetrack”.

Brooks had the nickname of “The Dentist”, due to him studying Dentistry at Manchester University when not on the track. 

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