Manchester United Footballer Mason Greenwood Has His Bail Extended

20 year old Manchester United legend Mason Greenwood will remain on bail until mid June over allegations he raped and had beaten an 18 year old girl.

Greenwood was arrested in January after the woman in question posted evidence of her abuse and rape online after the rape and murder of Sarah Everard in October 2021.

Greater Manchester Police also suspect the footballer of making death threats to the woman, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Amid hours of the evidence being posted and his arrest made public, was suspended from playing and training with Man United until further notice.

Shoe brand Nike and video-game empire Electronic Arts (EA) both confirmed that they'd no longer be sponsoring Greenwood.

EA even had the striker removed from FIFA-22, a big blow to the football star's publicity.

Mason Greenwood denies all charges, but even if he's found not guilty, he's speculated to never play for United ever again. 

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