Harry Maguire is Fighting For His Life At Man United

Red Devil's Captain Harry Maguire was booed by England fans during a game with Cote d'Ivoire, the 29 year old footballer has been widely condemned by fans during Man United's “Season to Forget”.

Maguire is pegged by a sect of Man United fans as being responsible for their string of failures, whilst former England defender Danny Mills blames Roy Keane is to blame.

Keane has often ridiculed Maguire for his performance, leading to doubts about his tenability at the club.

Mills said: “Roy Keane has massive influence, if Roy Keane comments on other players it's gospel”.

The scene on Tuesday follows the backlash Maguire received on Twitter, following an error whilst training for England.

In the video, the Three Lions were seen taking part in a competitive game of Rondo.

Trainees were heard counting successful passes before Maguire stopped the ball as Nike Pope approached him, Jordan Henderson was furious with the Man United Captain and yelled: “What are you doing?”.

The video clip went viral on YouTube and Twitter and fans decided to lay into Maguire questioning him yet again.

Despite the army of critics, rowdy Man United fans, and the Three Lions hating him.

Maguire still has support from Gareth Southgate, who defended him after he was booed during the game with Cote d'Ivoire.

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