Forest Fans Devastated After Liverpool Wins At The City Ground

Nottingham Forest were knocked out of the FA Cup by Liverpool at the last minute following a 0-1 defeat at the city ground, scored by Diogo Jota with 12 minutes remaining.

The sold out match between Nottingham Forest and Liverpool was the first FA Cup match between the two teams since the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster where 97 Liverpool fans were crushed to death following an overcrowded standing pen giving way.

In honor of the victims, 97 seats were covered by a flag that paid tribute to those lost that day.

Like other football matches after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Nottingham Forest and Liverpool showed their support for Ukraine.

Fans of both teams brought Ukrainian flags and Nottingham Forest and Liverpool memorabilia that had the Ukrainian flag depicted with the team's logos and the phrases “Long live Ukraine” and “We stand with Ukraine”.

The game was all defense going into half time, with good saves from Ethan Horvath and Alison Becker.

After Jota scored, Nottingham Forest had three chances to score an equalizer but failed.

But fans and players seem to be mad about two things: Jota being cleared by V.A.R. and Alison Becker's blatant trip of Ryan Yates going unpunished.

Regardless, this means that Forest's FA Cup dream is over.

But with former Swansea coach Steve Cooper, they were able to go nearly the whole season without a defeat and were able to fend off some of the Premier League's finest: Aston Villa, Leicester, and Arsenal to name a few.

Liverpool now moves onto face Man City in April.

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