Police Pursue Self Driving Car After It Peels Away During Traffic Check

A viral video has been circulating the web of SFPD officers chasing down a self driving car, after it sped away when pulled over.

After the car was pulled over, San Francisco's finest were shocked when it resisted the cops and drove for 30 meters (98 feet) before complying with the officers.

The video, originally posted to Instagram, began to trend on TikTok and Twitter when sci-fi novelist William Gibson re-tweeted the video.

This whole mess makes the average person wonder “How will traffic stops work when we're all driving these futuristic self driving cars?”

This wasn't the first time a self driving car got feisty with the police:

In 2018, a self driving UBER concept car crashed into a pedestrian causing fatal injuries before police were able to stop the car.

Later that year a Waymo self driving car hit a biker, also having to be chased by police.

Cruise, GM's autonomous motors division, started a self driving Taxi service, trailing in San Francisco and it was one of them that was evading the SFPD.

Cruise stated that the car was “Acting Normally”, if one could call it's actions that.

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