Debate Over A.I. Continues As Big Tech Focus On Robotics Research

When we think of A.I., normally Three images come to mind:

A futuristic metropolis straight out of The Jetsons with Robot Maids and self driving cars, and the pleasure of constant convenience.

Everyone becomes unemployed as robots replace workers, resulting in mass poverty (Think of Detroit).

Or the reason humanity would go extinct or be enslaved via robot uprisings and a Judgment Day straight out of the Terminator franchise.

One could say that we're in the Logan's Run phase, where what we do is determined by a machine, minus the whole dying at 30 part.

Regardless on people's view on A.I., it has undeniably changed the way we have lived since the turn of the century.

Robots come in different shapes and sizes, some like the Boston Dynamics robots are humanoid, others like the ones seen in factories are purely artificial looking.

Movies have come out singing A.I.'s praises, and others condemn it's existence.

Blade Runner, Logan's Run, The Matrix, Terminator, I Robot, Alien, 2001: A Space Odyssey, War Games, Age of Ultron, Tron, and many more have shown that if humanity becomes too reliant on robots then it would spell our doom.

One controversial aspect of robots being seen now is the replacement of human labour, with 126 robots able to do the work of 10,000 people according to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR).

This in the past, present, and most certainly the future has resulted in mass redundancies of staff in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Leading to strikes, riots, boycotts, and other protests organized by unions and pro-worker activists.

A coalition of scientists, researchers, workers unions, and government employees signed a document saying that A.I. Would be the downfall of humanity.

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